May 012006

I called Dr. Kate to come and look at him this afternoon. A couple of weeks ago we tried giving him a steroid injection to see if that would help, but it didn’t appear to make a difference. Today we gave him some subcutaneous fluids, which may help him flush out any toxins building up in his system. She said if there is any improvement because of that, we should see it by tomorrow morning. After the steroids and the subcu fluids, there isn’t a whole lot we can do for him; she’s pretty sure it’s his kidneys shutting down.

He’s made a pretty dramatic decline over the weekend. He’s gotten to where he can barely stand, which is why I called Dr. Kate on such short notice. He lies funny, and doesn’t look comfortable. He also smells kind of bad, which is never a good sign in a cat. When I went to check on him throughout the day, there would be flies buzzing around him. I brought him inside around six, even though he didn’t want to come inside, because in his condition I don’t think he could even get himself somewhere warm for the night, much less run if another animal came after him. He’s spent the last two and a half hours making his way from his chair to the hallway. It’s rather painful to watch him; he stands up and takes a step, and then lies down again. Now and then he gives a plaintive meow.

Phurball in hall

If the subcu fluids don’t seem to be helping him by tomorrow, I think I’m going to call the vet again and ask her to come and euthanize him. If he were reasonably comfortable I’d do my best to help him hang in there, but as he is now he’s miserable.

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