Jun 212006

So I dropped in Taco Bell to get me some cheap food. I asked the girl at the register for two tacos and a small soda. She didn’t hand me the cup to get my soda like they usually do, but sometimes they forget. I moved over to the “pick up” side of the counter, figuring I’d ask them for my cup when they brought out my tacos.

While I waited, I checked my receipt to see if she’d heard me order the drink at all—it was kind of bustling and noisy back there. It said two tacos, and a nachos supreme. Whoops, looks like she didn’t hear me.

They brought out my food. I waited for the lady behind the counter to finish with a fellow who’d come in to pick up his paycheck. When she was done she turned to see what I needed:

Me: I think she misheard me; I just wanted two tacos and a small soda.

Taco Bell Lady: (taking nachos out of the bag, still changing gears from dealing with the other guy) Um… hm.

Me: I can just pay for a small soda too, if that will help.

TBL: Oh, no, we won’t have you do that. (thinks) If I gave you a large soda instead, that would make us about even.

Me: That’ll work.

TBL: Great! (gets large cup, puts nachos back in bag with my tacos) And here, you can just keep these. (smiley)

Me: Cool, thanks!

Always be polite to the people serving you food. Free nachos 4 teh winz!!1

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