Aug 152006

School starts tomorrow! For me, at least—the kids start a week from Friday. (Why do they start school on a Friday? Don’t ask me, I just live here.)

I’m ready to go, too. I got all my textbooks weeks ago, with the exception of the math one (the bookstore’s website didn’t know for sure which text they’d be using). I’ve stocked up on snacks to eat between classes, since I’ll be out there all day. Yesterday I even went and bought a new backpack, because I couldn’t find my old one that I had planned to use. I’m ready!

I’m also signed up for an evening class of “Spanish for Beginners.” When I was talking to the guidance counsellor at the community college, I mentioned an interest in Spanish as my elective. Immediately she put aside the paper she’d been showing me and made sure she had my attention before continuing. She told me that over half the students who take their Spanish I class fail it. She got together with the instructors of the class to find out what the problem was, and learned that many students who start in Spanish I have never had any foreign language instruction at all. However, the course is geared to expect people have had some basic Spanish—in this area, at least, it is a requirement to pass high school. So from day one the instructors are speaking Spanish to the class. She recommended that, if I plan on pursuing Spanish as an elective, I should take the Spanish for Beginners class that’s offered in the evenings as part of their “continuing education” program.

So I have. Boy, am I going to be busy for the next four or five months. Woot!

It’s all part of my plan for world domination, don’tcha know. I’ll have to work hard, because every year there’s more competition. Just take a look at the latest contender; he’s going to be a tough one to beat!

Deathfucker Rapegiver of the Apocolypse!

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