Aug 312006

When I got to the campus this morning, there were four police cars around the bookstore, and the dumpsters behind the student services building had been cordoned off with yellow “crime scene” tape.

Shortly after I arrived a fire truck came rushing in as well.

Primates being curious animals, there is naturally a great swarm of students at the windows and around the edges of the crime scene tape, watching the proceedings. So far the rumors are that they found a) a body, b) a bomb, or c) drugs. Based on the stench coming out of the dumpster, the most popular vote so far has been a).

Now I’m going to go rejoin the gawkers at the window.

Update: Shortly after the Crime Scene Investigator jeep arrived, someone with a contact at the Sheriff’s Department got the scoop—it’s just some spoiled meat the culinary class threw out.

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