Nov 032006

Tampon Ghost

I am so doing this next year.

And the shrinks wonder why teen girls in America are so insecure about their appearance.

A modern-day version of the Ant and the Grasshopper fable.

Instructions for taking the political/charity phone spammers to court.

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  1. Heh. I’m working from home mornings this week [something about not traveling to India for a small conference – long distance phone calls are cheaper]

    Anyway, Monday morning I was still at home after finishing the call to India and I got a phone call. I answered. The lady at the other end was startled to get a live person, then went on her spiel to encourage me to vote (though I forget for whom). I thanked her kindly and hung up.

    Though it has been interesting cycle – getting phone calls from former Governor Jim Hunt and email from Elizabeth Dole and from Clinton and from Obama. as well as a bunch of other people. [I somehow got on both the Republican and the Democratic email lists. Maybe I just didn’t object to receiving them.]

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