Jan 082007

On the first day of class my accounting professor handed out questionnaires to get an idea of what his students wanted to gain from the course. One of the questions was:

The grade I would like to make in this course is

  1. an A.
  2. at least a B.
  3. at least a C.
  4. I just want to get credit for the course.

I mentioned the questionnaire to my husband, expressing surprise that anyone would choose an answer other than “a”.

“That’s because you’re an over-achiever,” he replied.

“I am not!” I protested. “I just don’t see why you’d say you want a lower grade. It’s not like it’s more work to circle a different letter.”

“Yes, because your goal is the highest grade you can possibly get. However, others may have the goal of just passing the course or maintaining a C average with the least investment of time necessary. For those people an A would mean they had not achieved their goal, because clearly they had worked harder than needed on this particular course.”

I suspect he’s right, but it still baffles me.

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