May 092007

The recent qualifer meet for the Special Olympics swim team was held at the Triangle Sportsplex. Out in front of the building they have a small pond, with a number of ducks and geese.

Needless to say these birds are nearly tame, and quite fat.

A couple of the geese we fed

During a long pause between races, my younger son and I wandered out to feed the critters. There was one big black duck that rather resembled a turkey, who trundled along beside my son quacking contentedly. He was obviously an old hand at this; he caught the chunks of bread in the air as they were thrown to him.

Presently the Canada geese noticed what was going on and strolled over to get their cut. I’ve never been that close to a Canada goose in my life. The biggest one stationed himself a foot away from me so that I could just drop the bread directly into his bill.

I remembered my new cell phone has a camera in it, and snapped a picture of a pair that appeared to be a mated couple. One of them is just wandering out of the frame; right after I took the picture the other one followed to stay close.

I know I’m easily entertained. I just got a real kick out of having a bunch of (technically) wild geese milling around at arm’s length.

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