Jun 202007

I’m taking some online classes over the summer term. I have learned two things:

  1. Online classes are actually more difficult than classroom ones.
  2. Although summer term is shorter (10 weeks) than fall term (16 weeks), the courses still contain the same amount of material.

a + b = yikes!

I decided to drop the XML class. One of these days I’d like to learn XML, just because it’s really cool and interesting, but for the moment Managerial Accounting is kicking my ass and I need to devote more time to the courses that are actually required for my major.

Meanwhile, my eldest son is attending his favorite camp again. Last week we sat down together and looked at his summer schedule; he’s only got three weeks when he hasn’t got something planned. At one point my mom remarked how busy his summer is this year; he answered, “It will be even busier next year.”

“What’s next year?”

“Summer job.”

It’s amazing how kids can grow in completely unexpected ways. When they were small, we expected the eldest would prefer staying home in familiar surroundings—it’s just what you’d expect from the typical autist. Instead, he wants to go out every day, explore new places, try new things. His little brother, the social butterfly, is the one who’s just as happy to stay home and read a book or program on the computer. Go figure.

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