Jul 232007

Today I turned in the last assignment for my Excel for Accounting class. Tomorrow I’ll take the last test for my Managerial Accounting class. Then I’ll be done with my summer classes. Woot!

I’m pretty sure I got an A in the Excel one; I’ve gotten good grades on all the assignments. I think I’m getting a B in the Managerial Accounting class; it’s hard to tell because the grade section doesn’t appear to be calculating things correctly. Right now, with one homework assignment and one test left to do, it’s showing me at 50%. I’m quite sure I’ve done more than 50% in the class; I was late with a couple of homeworks, but according to the syllabus the homeworks count as 20% so they shouldn’t have done that much damage. My lowest test grade was a 70, but most of them were 80 and 90. (Damn ten-question tests.)

I’m hoping that the online grade thing just hasn’t updated with all the assignments, or something. Hopefully I’ll find out before we leave on Friday.

And here’s a little picture for your Monday:

windows error

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