Sep 282007

Last Friday we had a test in Cost Accounting. (I passed–phew.)

Just before the test was handed out, one of my classmates was singing a little earworm that she’d picked up in a previous class. “BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da…”

Needless to say, this got stuck in my head. It made for an entertaining week. “I’m applying overhead costs, is that a debit or BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da…”

I related this incident to my son Wednesday night when he was grumbling about one of his tests. “And now when you’re taking your Algebra test, you’ll be thinking x over y is BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da…

He thinks it’s hilarious. For the last few days if I want to start him laughing uncontrollably, I just wander past his room singing “BOM-ba DEE-da, BOM-ba DEE-da…”

In a completely unrelated note, my husband made his first solo flight Monday.

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