Oct 042007

LawDog discusses the subject of those entitled officers who feel they should be allowed to break the law. In his usual eloquent way, he nails the point better than I could.

We — as peace officers — are not better than our fellow citizens, nor are we worse than our fellow citizens. We are not more equal, nor less equal, than our fellows, nor are we a better or lesser ‘class’ than they — and to consider otherwise does a great dis-service to our profession and to the citizens relying on us.

In order to do our jobs — to follow our calling — we must have the support of our fellow citizens. Those under our protection must know, in their blood and in their bones, that we are fair; they must know that the person entrusted with that badge is worthy of being entrusted with the rights of their fellow citizens, of being entrusted with the freedoms of their fellow citizens; that we can be trusted with the truth; and that we can be trusted with the awesome powers and responsibilities that our fellow citizens have given us.

We must hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Nobody trusts arrogance and hubris.

See his site for the rest–it’s worth a read. They should all be like you, ‘Dog.

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