Jan 022008

We’ve all been playing with our new toys. Spousal Unit used his Christmas bonus to get us both new Dell laptops. If I wasn’t afraid of breaking it I’d take it to bed with me.

A couple of weeks ago he said, “I didn’t get you much for Christmas this year.”

I had to laugh. “Are you kidding? You got me a car for my birthday and a laptop for Christmas. I got no complaints!”

Both the boys have been circling like vultures, dropping subtle hints like “What are you going to do with your old laptop, Mom?” However, neither of their grades in school this year have been good enough to warrant a reward of this magnitude—at the moment they don’t even have their desktops, which they were given on the condition that they do well in school. (I am getting A’s, and one B.) I’ll have to talk to the Spousal Unit, but in all likelihood I’ll sell it.

But man, you should see World of Warcraft on the new one. That picture is crisp. I’m totally geeking out.

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