Jan 152008

I imagine you were quite pleased to discover my 2GB flash drive in the computer lab last night. You could have left it where it was, or even turned it in to the lost and found. But as I learned when I arrived at the lab at eight o’clock this morning, you chose instead to keep it for yourself. Because apparently you can come up with the thousands of dollars necessary for tuition and books to attend a college, but you can’t scare up twenty bucks to buy your own flash drive.

Perhaps you were hoping it would contain some confidential personal information which you could use for more ambitious larceny. If so, you were out of luck. All that was on the drive was the last four semesters’ worth of my assignments. I wonder if you even paused to speculate whether I had backups of those files. Fortunately I do, although I will not enjoy re-creating the two hours’ worth of work I had done in the lab yesterday.

You are a petty thief, and I hope my flash drive causes you nothing but grief. May it gather more viruses than a day care toddler, and infect your computer with every one of them. More realistically, I hope you try to pass off one of my old assignments as your own and get your dishonest ass expelled. You suck.

Love and kisses,

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