Jan 232008

Directions in our assignment schedule for the online class:

“Submit the assignment file to the instructor through the assignment area in the chapter folder of the course documents section of blackboard.”

Now, given these instructions, where would you think to submit your homework files?

BlackBoard screenshot

Screenshot of BlackBoard

It seems most, if not all, of the class submitted them through that Course Documents button. We were allowed to do so by BlackBoard, and our “Grades” section reflected that those assignments were submitted.

Sunday there was an announcement that most of us had not submitted our homework. Among other things, it said (in red letters, with boldface and underlining):

Please submit your assignments in the Assignments Feature.

Please notify me if you have any problems. Be sure to review the directions for submitting assignments in both your textbook and in the proper section of the BLACKBOARD ONLINE STUDENT ORIENTATION.

That’s right, we’re being chastised for not reading directions. Apparently we were all supposed to be going through the Assignments button. At least we think we were; various classmates have e-mailed the teacher and posted to the discussion board asking for clarification, and so far haven’t gotten a response. There’s growing angst about the assignments, whether they were or were not credited, and how exactly we’re supposed to be submitting them.

Oh yeah, another thing: Under Course Documents, there are “Chapter” folders, as described in the directions. If we use that Assignments button, there are no “Chapter” folders. There are “Assignment” folders, which cover several chapters. And if you don’t submit all the assignments covered at once, guess what? You can’t submit the remainder. Several of us have discovered this the hard way, by submitting the assignments for Chapter 3 and then attempting to submit those for Chapter 4 a day or two later.

Yeah. I’m confused too.

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