May 022008

Finished up the last of the exams today. Definitely passed the first one, and a pass was all I needed to maintain an A. The second “exam” was actually each class member giving a brief presentation on the final paper we’d written (except for one student who just dropped her paper off and left). A bunch of us brought snacks and drinks and a big ol’ cake with the instructor’s name on it, and we had ourselves a little farewell party. The Born Again Delinquent orchestrated most of it, and promised to send us all the pictures she took.

Speaking of pictures, our local news had a blurb about the PBL contest winners, complete with the photo they took at our little awards ceremony.

PBL Award Winners

I happened to be wearing the pinkest shirt in the world that day, so I stand out like a sore thumb. Just behind me on the left you can see Super Smart Guy, who took first place and is going to the nationals; one more farther left is Former Navy Guy, who was fifth. I don’t know how I managed to wind up front and center like that; I should’ve been behind SSG.

Tonight the SGA is hosting an “awards banquet” for students with a high GPA. Not entirely sure what that entails, other than free food. But free food’s enough for me. BAD will be there with her family as well; whoever gets there first will save seats for the others. We’ll probably be loud and rowdy and embarrass our husbands dreadfully, because we’re both just giddy with relief that the semester is over and we’ve maintained an A in all our classes. Bring on the grub!

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