Jun 112008

Sharon transfers to Russ an insurance policy with a cash surrender value of $30,000 and a face value of $100,000 in exchange for real estate. Russ continues to pay the premiums on the policy until Sharon dies 7 years later. At that time, Russ has paid $14,000 in premiums, and he collects the $100,000 face value. How much of the proceeds is taxable to Russ? Why?

They’re all like that. Someone shoot me, plzkthx.

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  1. Matthew makes a series of payments at the beginning of each year for 20 years. The first payment is 100. Each subsequent payment through the tenth year increases by 5% from the previous payment. After the tenth payment, each payment decreases by 5% from the
    previous payment.
    Calculate the present value of these payments at the time the first payment is made using an annual effective rate of 7%.
    (A) 1375
    (B) 1385
    (C) 1395
    (D) 1405
    (E) 1415

    I share your pain. Fortunately, as of last Tuesday the 3rd I’m done with exams for a while (other than the waiting for the damn marks, which will probably take until late July).

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