Aug 182008

The kids don’t actually go back till next week, but my classes started up again this morning. I’ve got a fairly light load this semester, two seated classes and one online. The classes are quite small (less than 20 students), the classroom instructors are teachers I’ve had before, and many of the students were in prior classes with me as well. As a result the whole situation is quite cozy and familiar; I already know the names of half my classmates and I’ve spent a lot of time in the room itself.

One of my favorite things about my classes is their multinational student base. Half the students in my classes are from other countries. We’ve got people from Canada, Korea, Taiwan, India, and Nigeria. Last semester there were also students from China and Vietnam. I love having a multi-cultural student base, especially in classes like Ethics that involve a lot of discussion. Our students from other countries bring a different perspective to our debates, and point out things that we probably wouldn’t think of if we were just a class full of Americans. I love that; I hope when I get into a workplace I’m lucky enough to find one that’s equally diverse in its people and perspectives.

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