Sep 022008

The stray cat has been hanging about quite a lot these days. Possibly because I’ve been feeding him.

Stray cat having lunch

Since he’s been chasing off all the other candidates for my new cat, he must want the job. So I bought a pair of small food dishes and a bag of kibble, and started putting out food and water for him. He’s no dummy, he caught on quickly that I’m now the Food Lady. When I come out of the house he’ll perk up and keep an eye on me to see if it’s lunch time.

He still won’t let me come anywhere near him, of course. But he hangs around. One afternoon I pulled in to the driveway to find him waiting at the end of it, with the typical “Where have you been?” cat look. He knows afternoons are when I’m supposed to put out the chow.

I think he may have some other suckers providing food. At first he would gobble it all up at once; now he’ll leisurely eat a bit and leave the rest for later. He also doesn’t look as ragged as he did last summer. I suppose he’s kind of a community cat.

My husband remarked “I think it’s funny that you found a way to have a cat anyway.”

My next project is to devise some kind of shelter to keep rain out of his food.

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