Mar 032009

Maybe you haven’t heard of this: one of Bush’s last moves in office was a rule that says health care workers don’t have to provide you with medical treatment if that treatment happens to conflict with their personal moral principles.

Talking heads like to focus on the abortion angle, because that’s inflammatory and gets them a lot of ratings, but the rule goes further than that—it means a doctor doesn’t have to prescribe birth control, or a pharmacist fill the prescription, if they don’t believe birth control is “moral.” Technically it also means a doctor can deny you a blood transfusion if that happens to be against his religion. Really it means any health care worker can place their individual dogma over your best interests.

Fortunately the current administration is working to rescind this bit of legislative idiocy.

If doing your job goes against your moral principles, you should find another job.

If you are unwilling to sacrifice your job to stand by your convictions, perhaps it’s time to review just how firmly you really believe in them.

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