Sep 282009

When your male avatar is chatting up a female character in the game, do not emote things like “massages shoulders,” “kisses lips,” or “caresses arm.” Even if you’re role-playing—especially if you’re role-playing.

Pushy, too-familiar behavior is just as creepy in an online game as it is in real life. The object of your attention will probably be avoiding you from now on.

Also, asking “Are you a girl IRL?” makes it very obvious that you view this game as some sort of virtual dating service. Many of the girls who play online games quickly learn to answer “no” to this question, to ensure that people like you do not bother them any more.

The internet a wonderful social equalizer, an environment where people have the opportunity to interact without the prejudices attached to gender, race, or physical appearance. When you’re talking to someone online, you react to each other based entirely on how you behave.

Too bad for you. Might want to work on that.

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