Dec 102009

Today is my friend Jade‘s birthday. Happy birthday, Jade!

So here’s something I’ve learned about myself from my friend Jade, that she probably doesn’t even know she taught me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wavy flashback lines ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was driving her son Dynamo home from school one afternoon, and we were chatting about various topics of interest. Somehow the subject of pie entered the conversation.

“I really don’t care for pie,” I remarked.

From the back seat came his astonished, “I don’t either!”

I could understand his I-thought-I-was-the-only-one reaction. We pie-haters are definitely a minority. Like Dynamo, I often felt I must be the only person in the world who didn’t like pie. It must have been a relief for him to learn there were others out there, living relatively normal lives despite their dislike of pie.

Later I mentioned our discussion of pie to Jade, who chuckled. “It’s because he doesn’t like cooked fruit. He doesn’t like applesauce, either.”

Ding! The light bulb went off in my head—I don’t like cooked fruit. I’ve never been a big fan of applesauce. I don’t like cobblers. Somehow I never put it together.

So there’s something my friend taught me about myself, without even knowing it. Aren’t friends great?

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