Mar 132010

Yesterday was our last day counting mail for the post office. I’m sure the carriers were all glad it was done; although we did our best not to slow them down, we couldn’t help but disrupt their routine and get in the way at least a little bit. But it had to be done, and they were glad we could help get it done as smoothly as possible.

Friday morning we came in to find a couple of tables set up near the break room, with cake and chips and little sandwiches and other goodies. Our supervisor said it was for us, in appreciation for coming and helping get the count done. So throughout the morning everyone would cruise by and grab a sandwich or a donut to snack on.

Around a quarter to eleven we had basically counted everything, and were just waiting around to make sure there were no last-minute express packages or something that had to be counted on the way out. My lady with the busiest route came over to let me know she had two certified mail pieces. As I noted them on her count sheet, she laid an envelope next to me and said, “This is for you.”

It was a thank-you card, and a gift card to a local grocery store. Wasn’t that nice of her? I guess she appreciated my efforts to make sure her mail got counted first, since she came in early and had so much of it.

I won’t miss counting mail, but all the people there were great to work with.

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