May 042010

So the results of the blood test showed a fairly extensive list of things to which I’m sensitive. The doctor recommended I try to stay away from foods that I’m sensitive to for a while.

Since I’m apparently sensitive to pretty much everything I eat, I was at something of a loss about what was left.

Fortunately our insurance company covers several nutritionist consultations per year, so I found one that specializes in food sensitivity and had a chat with her about how to follow my doctor’s recommendation. She wants me to spend ten days sticking entirely to the “green” list (the list of foods to which I showed no sensitivity at all), and offered suggestions about what I could eat for the duration.

Of course, I’ll have to prepare it all myself. Which makes it likely that I won’t be able to sustain this diet for very long, as I hate cooking, don’t know how, don’t want to learn. But I should be able to manage it for ten days.

Currently I’m on day four. Haven’t had any problems with the IBS, although I’ve had spells of no symptoms in the past. Towards the end of the week I’ll talk to the nutritionist again, she’ll see how I’ve handled this diet, and we’ll start adding things back and see how I do with a less-restrictive regime.

Curiously enough, garlic is on my “green” list. Apparently I’m neither allergic nor sensitive to it. Maybe the reactions to it in the past were coinciding with something else I react to.

Meanwhile I’m more or less living on rice, beans, and stir-fry. Because that’s what I know how to make. Oh yeah, and something called quinoa (keen-wa), which I had never heard of. It’s similar to rice but costs about ten times as much. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar. Among many other things.

Man, I want a cookie.

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