Aug 032010

Things are still pretty slow at the church office. Which is fine, as I’m still learning how everything works.

Cricket has everything all set up to be efficient and streamlined and organized; all I really have to do is follow her system and I look like I know what the hell I’m doing. Last week our associate pastor stopped in and asked if the payroll stubs had been distributed yet—they had been. Then he wanted to make sure the head of the preschool had gotten hers—she had. He was pleased that everything was taken care of already. All I did was follow the schedule Cricket set up for me on my calendar: payroll is due on the 15th and the 30th, and she schedules us to actually run payroll a couple of days early so we’ve got some buffer time in case there are problems. This has the side effect of making me look incredibly efficient and on the ball when I have the payroll done the day before it’s due.

Right now the only real bee in my bonnet is that I don’t yet have access to the server, which means I can’t back up Quickbooks. This makes me twitchy. The problem with using volunteers to perform IT functions is that they can only come do things when they have time between paying jobs. Rumor has it our IT volunteer will be coming by this week to get things set up for me.

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