Aug 062010

For the last couple of days, I’ve been doing month-end maintenance.

I’ve reconciled Quickbooks with the bank, and with the office manager’s records of donations to the church. I did the month-end entries and transfers. I printed the numerous reports that will be needed by the Stewardship Committee next week.

Cricket patiently walked me through the whole process; there’s a remote-login program installed so she can see what I’m doing from her computer, and she talked to me on the phone as I went through all the steps. I took copious notes as we went along. Frequently she would stop me and ask why we were doing this or that, or what I thought we should do next, making me think about it so she could be sure I was understanding the process.

My brain hurts. It was fantastic.

“You don’t even need me any more,” she moped as we were finishing up. Then she brightened. “Oh wait, next month is the end of the quarter—you’ll need me for that!”

Oh, yes. Yes, I will.

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