Nov 072010

So, been a little busy here. New job, classes to take, life in general. Seems like whenever I have something to blog about, I’m too busy living it to post.

Loving my job. I like what I do, and I like the people I work with. The office manager and I get along fantastically, and most of the time we’re the only ones in the office. I’ve made a few mistakes as I learn the job, which I know is to be expected but still bothers me.

They’re working on their budget for next year, which naturally involves me quite a bit. I’ve also been clearing out a lot of stuff Cricket forgot to clear out of Quickbooks before leaving—old transactions from 2009 that had never been cleared, although they had cleared the bank; open invoices that need to be squared away; payments for things that were entered as undeposited funds, and then later entered separately as deposits. I’ve straightened out the most obtrusive of those, I think.

The office manager will be on vacation for the last two weeks of November. This means I’ll be covering for her as much as I can. She’s working to set things up so I won’t have much of her job to do; she’s getting as much of the newsletter done as she can before she leaves, and she’s got some volunteers coming in to cover the phones while she’s gone. Hopefully the place won’t fall apart too much.

My classes are interesting, but difficult. I’ll be happy if I can pull off a B in my auditing class. Doing a bit better in history. I kept regaling Alpha Geek with stories related by our instructor, and he got so interested that now he’s signed up to take the class next semester. I’m interested to see how he relates to the teacher. I love to listen to him, but I’m capable of just listening to something I disagree with and not feel a need to argue about it. Alpha Geek, being both male and alpha, wants to debate things he disagrees with. And because our instructor is not shy about his opinions, I know that he has some with which Alpha Geek will disagree. I would dearly love to hear how that shakes down. I wonder if I could program his cell phone to record during his class times.

I got rear-ended a few weeks ago. I was at a stop light, waiting for a hole in traffic so I could turn right on red, and suddenly WHAM! A Ford pickup was getting way too personal with my rear bumper. The other driver looked to be in his late teens/early twenties, and was driving the truck for his dad’s landscaping company.

I wasn’t in Raleigh, so I didn’t have the non-emergency police number—called 911, and as soon as they answered I told them, “This isn’t an emergency, but I don’t know the number for the police,” and explained our accident. An officer arrived within five minutes; apparently he’d just left another accident not far away. He had us pull into a driveway while he wrote up the accident report.

Two other men had been in the pickup that hit me, employees of the landscaping company, I gathered. When the officer went to his car to write things up, they went over to the shade of a tree and sat down to have their lunch. I wished I had a bag lunch, I would have joined them.

So for the last week I’ve been driving a rental car, while a local body shop fixed my baby up. It was a stripped-down Mazda 3, with none of my usual amenities like cruise control or power door locks. I’m surprised I didn’t get a ticket; without cruise control I tend to speed.

Friday I picked my car up. Looks good as new. I didn’t have anywhere to go, but I drove around for a while anyway just because I missed my car.

That’s some of what’s been going on here. Next time I’ll tell you about my new phone.

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