Feb 242011

Did my oral presentation in class today. I’ve been dreading that since I first saw it on the syllabus.

I’m not the only one who wanted to get it over with. We started doing them Tuesday, and every time she asked “Who’s next?” half the class would raise their hand. So I wasn’t able to get it over with on Tuesday, and continued dreading it for two more days.

Tuesday night I actually had a nightmare about it. I dreamed I finished the stupid thing, then went over to get my grade. I got a -10. I had completely misunderstood the requirements of the assignment, to the point that it would have been better not to do it at all.

At least it’s over with now. There are still a few people who have to do it on Tuesday. And it’s fairly unlikely that I got a grade below zero.

P.S. Ping Rotund—I know you’re on the northern island and Christchurch is a good distance away, but answer your damn e-mail anyway just to set my mind at ease, ‘kay?

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