May 182011

Since classes are done, I’ve been hitting the job boards again. As with my last job search, I’m running into far more scams than legitimate offers.

Today I got a response to my application for a Craigslist posting for an inventory clerk. Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with accounting, but at this point I’m just looking for anything I’m qualified to do that doesn’t involve phones or retail.

Red Flag #1: They wanted me to go to their web site to apply ( Okay, I used a throwaway e-mail address and didn’t fill in my address or phone number, just to see what was what.

Red Flag #2: “Do NOT use your browsers back button…” As I mentioned yesterday, if a site can’t handle basic rules of English, its credibility score goes way down.

BIG BIG RED FLAG #3: “Due to the sensitive nature of the position you are applying for, our client has hired us to verify qualified applicants. Our client requires all applicants to obtain a standard credit check and identity check.” And they only wanted to charge me a dollar to steal my information run a credit check.

That noise you heard around 3:42 Eastern? That was me rolling my eyes. I don’t think so, asshats.

  6 Responses to “No, I Won’t Be Applying There”

  1. Even if all they do is just take your dollar, imagine how many other dollars they’re taking!

    • Hopefully not that many, but my faith in humanity’s intelligence goes up and down depending on how much news I watch…

  2. If you watch the address bar after clicking the “CLICK HERE to get your free credit report” link you’ll see it load several URLs in succession, one of which is a referral link to via The scam is to get you to sign up for the service, they get the sweet sweet affiliate money; I assume the last step is turning you down for the (presumably nonexistent) job which doesn’t really look all that scammy.

    Add that in with the fact that was registered last month:

    Domain ID:D162071581-LROR
    Created On:19-Apr-2011 14:53:26 UTC
    Last Updated On:07-May-2011 06:46:23 UTC
    Expiration Date:19-Apr-2012 14:53:26 UTC

    and it looks shifty as hell. I can’t imagine a real job placement company would care enough about the few dollars here and there from affiliate marketing to bother.

    That said, it’s really a natural step from’s naturally scummy behavior (it’s the /not/ free credit report system) to be encouraging this sort of thing.

    So if you’re still job searching, apparently making fake placement agencies is a booming industry? :)

    • Yeah, I imagine will only last a week or two, and then they’ll cycle their scam ads to a new site. If only I were completely lacking in ethics, I could join in on this apparent bonanza!

  3. Hi. Your blog popped up as I did a search for I also replied to a Craigslist ad (Dynamometer Technician. They email I received used proper English :), but what caused my suspicion was 1) the email was too vague about the client, 2) most job search engines use .com or maybe .net, 3) I saw a similar posting on Career Builder (looked to me as though they copy/pasted from that posting), 4) it didn’t really say anything about completing the application process–just filling out a questionnaire, 5) it was too wordy; most job search site replies are very direct and pointed, but this one just went on and on and on… (like my post!), and 6) it just had like a scam feel about it; I almost expected it to tell me that some wealthy Nigerian left me a butt load of money.

    Anyway, the whole thing felt off to me, so I went in search for some info about it before going to their site. Thanks a lot for posting about it, and good luck with your job search.

    • It does get discouraging, wading through all the scams to try and find the legitimate jobs. I’ve done the same thing you did, Googled a suspicious site in a job ad–so after all those others have warned me, it’s nice to “pay it forward” and warn others!

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