May 192011

In my inbox this morning:

From: Chadwick Ross <>

We have found your CV in Jobing database and believe you are a perfect candidate for this job which we offer.

If you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact us via email.

Hm. Free e-mail address that in no way matches the name given for the sender. No details at all about the “job” they have. And don’t forget the poor grammar.

I can’t count the number of e-mails I’ve gotten from people who claim to have “reviewed your resume” and then offer me jobs that have nothing to do with anything on my resume.

I didn’t even bother with this one.

  2 Responses to “More Scammers”

  1. I used to get a lot of these after I posted my CV on CareerBuilder. Most of them were seeking to fill sales positions, and some were just total BS. I’ve since taken my CV off of CareerBuilder, because I’m sick of having my time wasted by these noobs.

    • I don’t think I even put my CV on Jobing, I think they’re just lying. Call me cynical. :)

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