Sep 232011

So part of the aftercare from the surgery was for me to change the dressings. One was just a simple gauze-and-tape affair. The other is a hole in his lower belly that came open after the surgery; it’s big enough that I could put a marble into it (if I were so inclined). That one involves something called a wet-to-dry pack, where I moisten some gauze with sterile saline solution, pack it into the hole, then cover the hole with dry gauze and tape over the whole thing. Apparently the dry gauze then slowly draws the moisture out of the wet gauze, then when you pull out the now-dry gauze it helps clean out the wound.

As a person who has always been interested in biology, I found it fascinating. The hole doesn’t bleed, it’s just… a hole. In his abdomen.

As a person who is married to the patient, I want the hole to heal up right the fuck now.

Besides, he won’t let me post pictures.

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