Dec 182011

My long-term dejunking project has moved into the kitchen. One cabinet at a time, I’m dragging everything out, scrubbing down the woodwork, and getting rid of the stuff I don’t ever use. Half the shit is going to the local thrift store; I’ve never liked cooking and have no idea how I wound up with some of this shit:

  • A turkey baster. Never used it.
  • Two (2) candy thermometers. At one point I thought I might like to make homemade lollipops or truffles. Then I found out how much work is involved.
  • Two (2) melon ballers. Never used. I don’t know where they came from.
  • Rolling pin. I think I may have used it a few times attempting to make biscuits, which always came out like floury hockey pucks.
  • Biscuit cutters. The biscuits were hopeless.
  • Cookie cutters. Why do I have cookie cutters? If I ever made cookies, they were just the drop-off-a-teaspoon variety.

There’s a bunch of other shit that’s going out. The cabinets are a lot less crowded.

The Artist is following along behind me putting down new shelf paper. He does it much more neatly than I would, carefully trimming it to fit and cutting notches to go snugly around corner supports and protrusions.

I love dumping all this shit I never use. I have room to keep the stuff I have left tidy, so I can actually find it. Later today we’re going to tackle the pantry.

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