Jan 262012

I seem to have gotten a reputation for being the computer geek. For several months now, if someone has a computer-related problem, they come ask me.

I don’t know why; I never claimed to be an expert, and half the time I don’t know the answer, either. But I’m happy to do what I can.

Now my apparent expertise seems to be expanding to include legal matters. This afternoon one of the other ladies came over to me to ask about a problem with one of her clients. A company was making monthly debits from their checking account that they hadn’t authorized—probably one of those barely-legit schemes that calls you up to “verify your information” to sign you up for something, who talked to one of the non-English-speaking employees who didn’t really understand what they were agreeing to.

They tried to call the merchant to cancel it, but couldn’t reach them. They told the bank the charges weren’t authorized, but the bank kept allowing them. It’s been going on for months.

“They shouldn’t be able to do that, should they?” asked my co-worker. “But the bank won’t do anything.”

I told her they should call the state attorney general. That’s what I’d try at this point if it were happening to my bank account; if the AG is the wrong place to call, they could at least tell me the right place. Hell, it’s not like I have any special legal knowledge.

I think I’ve figured out why they’re coming to me with questions. I often don’t know the answer, but I’m usually pretty good at figuring out where to go for the answer. So someone comes and asks me something, I don’t know either, but between the two of us we can find out. So we all get smarter together. Yay!

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