Jul 022012

This afternoon I got an odd phone call. The man on the other end said I had won a prize in some contest form I’d filled out, and he was calling to verify my information.

Thing is, I never fill out contest forms at the mall. Chance of winning = slim to none; chance of getting on a zillion scam and marketing lists = 100%. I asked what company he was calling for, and he would only give me a vague “a marketing company.” I asked what company was sponsoring the contest, and he claimed not to know, it was just “something you may have filled out in a mall.” I wouldn’t give him any information, and he said he was sorry for wasting my time.

I was describing the call to Alpha Geek, who had heard the tail end of that and was curious.

“He said I probably filled out a contest form at the mall,” I ended, “but I never fill those out, they’re just scams and data mining.”

“I wonder if this had anything to do with Amber,” he said thoughtfully.

For the last month or two, we’ve been getting the occasional piece of mail addressed to Amber. The address is ours, the last name is ours—but we don’t know anyone named Amber, much less one with the same last name. I just write “Not at this address” on them and stick them back in the mail.

“That’s right,” I said, “He didn’t say my first name, he just asked if I was Mrs. so-and-so. Maybe Amber’s out there filling out mall forms.”

Could be. Looking up the number from CID, they seem to be random scammers, trying to pitch time shares.

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