Jul 072012

Duchess has a small collection of cat toys. Some are toys we actually got for her, from a pet store—a toy mouse, a yarn ball, a little stuffed chicken. Some are items she’s found around the house that she enjoys playing with and added to her pile of toys—a hair scrunchie, a wine cork, a foam disc from my son’s toy gun.

Sometimes we join her in playing with the toys, and other times she invents her own games. One of her favorite games is “drop the toy in Alpha Geek’s shoe.” Alpha Geek typically leaves his shoes under the coffee table. Duchess likes to drop a toy in his shoe, then fish it out again. She’ll do that for half an hour or more. It’s a great game.

Last night she emerged from the basement with something in her mouth and headed for the coffee table. Alpha Geek’s shoes were, for once, not there. She turned around and went into the other room, where Alpha Geek was on his computer. Apparently his shoes were not there, either, for shortly she came back and dropped a cockroach on my sandal. Then she halfheartedly patted it around for a while, but it just wasn’t as much fun.

Then I had to explain to Alpha Geek what I was giggling about.

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