Aug 272012

Got a few things done last week:

Closed on a refinance of the mortgage.  As we were signing papers, the closing attorney said something about how low our interest is now.  “Rates won’t be this low five years from now,” he commented.  Alpha Geek and I said together, “I hope not!”   Because if the economy is still bad enough to keep interest rates this low for that long, that’s going to be a great big bowl of suck.

The Artist has finished his training and now has his CDL.  Now he’s ready to start the orientation with the trucking company that offered him a job.

I’ve taken (and passed) two more of the tests for bookkeeper certification.  Just need two more and I’ll be done with testing.  I’ll probably push to get ready to take it next month; I want to get done with this project.

All that around a full-time job.  I’m tired.

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