Nov 072012

Last night Alpha Geek’s dad dropped by. He chatted for a while with the boys and me, completely not noticing the cat desperately trying to get his attention.

Some animals have a preference for one gender over another, and Duchess prefers men. She doesn’t dislike women, but she’ll go out of her way to get attention from a man. Just like she was doing last night.

She started off being coy, just washing herself where he could see and admire her. Alas, Dad doesn’t have pets and isn’t used to these subtle signals. He continued chatting with the boys.

Then she approached him and rubbed against his legs. He didn’t notice.

Finally she abandoned subtlety. She jumped up on a counter next to him, and looked at him like this:

He still might not have noticed, but I took pity on the little attention whore. “Would you please pet that cat?” I asked.

“Oh, certainly,” he replied. At last, she got some much-desired attention.

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