Jun 102013

When I was working on my A.A.S., the job ads for entry-level accountants all wanted a year or two of experience and a high school diploma. I was reasonably hopeful that the two-year degree would be an acceptable substitute for a year of experience.

By the time I graduated, the economy had tanked and there were a lot of out-of-work accountants looking for work. The ads I saw as I started looking for work were asking for three to five years of experience, and a high school diploma. (For the record, it took me a year and a half to land a job.)

Now I’m starting to scope out the help-wanteds again. I feel like I’ve gotten a little experience under my belt, and I’m ready for a job with a bigger company that can offer me medical insurance (seriously, the premiums are eating us alive).

It’s probably because I’m starting to look at jobs on a higher rung of the ladder, but now they all want three to five years of experience… and a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


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