Nov 152013

My search for more money (and benefits) continues. Had an interview this week, and went to a big job fair that gave me a few promising leads.

The interview was, frankly, a waste of time. They called me the day before, I told them I was looking for opportunities for advancement and told them my rate was $X (more than I’m making now, but still at the low end for people doing my job in my area).

I go in the next day, and it’s a dinky operation with two people (I would make three) and they can’t pay me $X, but asked me to think about the lowest offer I’d accept. I politely said I’d think about it, but in my head I was thinking “There’s no room for advancement here and you can’t pay me what I’m asking for, WHY THE HELL DID YOU BRING ME IN?”

But I think I know the answer anyway—they brought me in because I’m exactly what they want. Unfortunately the feeling isn’t mutual.

I’ve never been looking for a job when I already have one; I’m still getting used to it. Now I’ll have to practice politely and professionally rejecting offers that don’t meet my requirements. It’s a skill I’ve never had to learn until now. “I’m afraid I can’t consider anything lower than $X.”

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