Dec 202013

So I missed a whole week of work, and the next week I only worked half days at first.

But before I returned to work, I got calls from both Sparky and Freda alerting me to the drama. Seems while I was out, the lady in charge at SecondCo—let’s call her Manager Lady, or ML—mentioned to the Boss that I’ve been looking for another job. And then went on to mention that I’d also said a bunch of stuff about how he was running the first company and spending money and God knows what else, because I never actually said any of it.

Okay, so now I know I shouldn’t trust ML with anything confidential, or really anything.

Freda told me the Boss had mentioned it to her with some concern, especially about my (alleged) badmouthing him to ML. Her response was “I know Bertha wouldn’t say something like that.”

Once I got back to work, I didn’t mention this to either the Boss or ML—it was all secondhand information, so I figured if they wanted to discuss it with me I’d let them bring it up. Neither of them did. One thing I’ve noticed about my Boss, he’s not a huge fan of drama.

But he did give me a raise. o_O

Now I’m seeing signs that the Boss might be less than happy with ML, undoubtedly for reasons unrelated to me. He’s asked me what she’s getting paid, and what the other staff are paid. He’s been discussing ways to have me spend one day a week there instead of two. And today when she came by to see him, he wasn’t available, so she came over to vent to me about how she never seemed able to talk to him. I think her gossipy little tidbit may have been the proverbial straw for some ongoing issues between them.

Oh, and on the subject of the potential job, for which I had asked people to be potential references and sparked all the drama: I think the interview went well. They asked me to come to lunch with the people who would be my co-workers. This happened last Thursday, so I was still in a fair amount of pain and uncomfortable sitting upright for long, so I don’t know if I was very good company. But I did my best to be sociable and get to know them, and let them get to know me. I haven’t heard anything else either way, but maybe they’re not planning to decide until January, so who knows.

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