Feb 012015

This seems to be the year for it. Several of my online friends have moved to new jobs; I’m hoping to follow soon. With any luck, it’ll happen before my own job starts coming up short on payroll—which is a real possibility, and I wish I didn’t know how close we’ve come the last few months.

Boss has put an ad in for a part-time bookkeeper to take over the stuff I’ve been doing for SecondCo. I’m not sure why, my guess is that he’s trying to separate the companies so he can sell one. The other guess would be that he wants someone he can get cheap to do the job I’ve been doing for more money, but that wouldn’t work because then he’ll be paying two people instead of one—and the second one will be paid out of SecondCo’s profits, of which there aren’t much. So I don’t know what’s going on with that, but I don’t ask because I don’t really care and I’m just looking for an exit.

The place is struggling, I tell ya. Around October-November last year the entire payroll side of things quit, one after another, so at this point our entire payroll staff is new, untrained, and inexperienced. One of the girls who quit went off and started her own little payroll business, and has been poaching the clients she used to serve while working here, so we’ve lost eight or ten in the last few months. And one of the girls hired to replace the lost staff was a stone-cold moron, and was let go after a couple of months. We’re still undoing the fuck-ups she managed to do while she was here.

Overall I have the sense that the whole company is just limping along, and won’t be here a year from now. Hopefully I’m wrong. Even more hopefully, I won’t be around to find out.

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