Apr 282015

The Director has his driver’s license now, and is discovering that he enjoys the freedom to go out and get pizza, or go to a store, or just explore farther than he could on foot.

I don’t try to keep him from driving if the weather is bad, or if it’s nighttime, or at hours of heavy traffic. I fret about him when he drives in those conditions, just as I did over the Artist when he was an inexperienced driver. But intellectually I know that the way to keep them safe is to let them go out and gain experience, and sometimes make mistakes, and develop their own judgment. So I just admonish them to drive carefully (“I’m your mother, I’m required to say that”).

Emotionally I’d like to put them safely away where nothing could possibly hurt them, but that wouldn’t be practical. And anyway they’re too smart, they’d figure a way to get out.

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    And if you’re the Bertha Yetta I think you are, I’d really like to say hello, because it has been entirely, far too long.



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