Apr 282015

The Director has his driver’s license now, and is discovering that he enjoys the freedom to go out and get pizza, or go to a store, or just explore farther than he could on foot.

I don’t try to keep him from driving if the weather is bad, or if it’s nighttime, or at hours of heavy traffic. I fret about him when he drives in those conditions, just as I did over the Artist when he was an inexperienced driver. But intellectually I know that the way to keep them safe is to let them go out and gain experience, and sometimes make mistakes, and develop their own judgment. So I just admonish them to drive carefully (“I’m your mother, I’m required to say that”).

Emotionally I’d like to put them safely away where nothing could possibly hurt them, but that wouldn’t be practical. And anyway they’re too smart, they’d figure a way to get out.

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The Artist Is Back

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Sep 052012

Apparently the HR person at the trucking company decided that due to his Asperger’s, The Artist wouldn’t be able to handle being a trucker.  So they sent him home Monday.

He’s disappointed, obviously, but he’s still in the game.  Before he’d gotten back he was already researching other trucking companies, and getting on trucking forums to chat with truckers about his options.  So he’ll keep trying.

All our info is coming secondhand through The Artist, but my feeling is that some HR twat saw that he wasn’t reacting to things the way they would, and decided that he was therefore not capable.  Bastages.

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Little Stuff

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Aug 092012

No big news to report, just the little daily shit that makes up life.

I started working at my job at $12/hr. That’s pretty low for my field, even for an entry-level person like myself, but after a fruitless year and a half of looking for work I jumped on it.

In January I got a raise, up to $13/hr. Meanwhile, of the four new people who had been hired around the same time I was, three had been fired. My boss’s hiring strategy appears to be “throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.”

This week I got an e-mail from the boss, that starting next month I’ll be at $14/hr. In that span of time we’ve had two more new hires and one more layoff. Alpha Geek said “Well, if you’re getting a raise that probably means you’re not likely to get fired.”

On the one hand, it’s always great to get more money, and feel like the boss appreciates you. On the other hand, it makes me feel kind of guilty because my long-term plan is to bail after another year or so, hopefully for a giant corporation that can give me health insurance and a 401k plan.

I still haven’t taken my bookkeeper certification exams; I’ve been planning to schedule the first one for a Saturday, but one of the Director’s friends was having a birthday party on a Saturday that got rescheduled due to bad weather, so I waited to make sure it happened on its new date. I’ll probably plan for the first exams in a couple of weeks. I don’t expect any problems; it’s all stuff that was covered by the two-year degree, but I might as well get another piece of paper to put on my resume.

I also took a notary public course to renew my notary license, because why not. As soon as I go swear in I’ll be a state official. Bow before me, peons. And sign here.

The Director had a blast at the birthday party, BTW. The party was at a nearby lake/campsite (hence the dependence on good weather), and I was worried he wouldn’t have fun because he can’t swim. Fortunately the campsite was in an offshoot of the lake where the water was shallow, the boys all had life jackets on, and everyone had a blast. The Artist came along as well, because he’s part dolphin and will never pass up an opportunity to swim.

That’s my boring everyday life for the last couple of weeks.

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