Sep 242015

Haven’t posted in a while, I find after a day of being on the computer, when I get home I just don’t have much interest in getting on the computer.

Settling in well at the new job. I’ve never worked at a big company like this before, it’s a big complex with ten or twelve interconnected buildings and a couple of on-site cafeterias for the employees. I understand there’s a fitness center somewhere. I like it, I feel like a little worker bee in a great big hive.

For the first week and a half there was nothing to do. For a couple of days we were busy getting set up with employee badges and laptops and email accounts and whatnot. I spent a lot of time browsing the web and watching Excel tutorials–I’ve gotten a good handle on vlookups now and am delving into pivot tables.

These days we’re getting busier. The parent corp recently moved part of its operations over into a subsidiary, and we were basically all hired from a staffing agency to help get data migrated into their new ERP system. Once that gets sorted out we might be hired on permanently, or we might not. I estimate it’ll be at least a year before that’s an issue I need to think about. By then I should be familiar enough with their ERP to claim it on my resume, which should make me fairly marketable.

I still keep in touch with my supervisor from the last job. Their drama is much more entertaining from a distance.

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