Feb 022016

When we all moved in to the new building, some of us contractors didn’t get assigned offices. Fair enough, we’re technically not employees. I’ve been working with the A/R team with another lady since shortly after we all started; for the first week, the two of us were working in a conference room. Needless to say this wasn’t ideal, sometimes the conference room was needed for actual conferencing, and we had to go sit in the break room or something.

The second week, all the regular employees had settled in to their offices and we started prowling the halls looking for unused space. We found an empty office and moved in. It’s near the rest of the contractor team, and has a nice big window. We let everyone know we were in there. Nobody ever came around saying it was their office, so we set up with our photos and calendars and other homey touches.

Monday morning, someone from facilities came by. He poked his head in, looked surprised, and said “Oh, my list said this office was empty.”

“Nope, we’re in here,” said my office mate.

He went away again without further objections. I have the idea that somewhere there’s a master facilities list that just got updated, and our office is now officially occupied.

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