Jun 112016

Since January, there has been less and less work to do. I’ve seen my fellow contractors disappear one by one. So I suspected my contract might be ended soon, and I’ve been sending out resumes in preparation. I had hoped the contract might become a permanent position, but “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” as Ms. Anjelou said.

A week ago Thursday, I got the word—my contract was up. The recruiting agency’s on-site manager called me down to her office, had me sign the paperwork, and followed me back up to collect the company laptop. One bonus: I was only there for a few hours but got credit for a full eight-hour day.

This week I had two interviews with other companies, and they both seem pretty interested. So I’m not too worried yet.

I also came down with a monster cold on Tuesday, so those interviews were about the only thing I did this week. Man, I hate being sick.

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