Dec 192003

Sprog #2 went back to school today. The fact that they were having their Christmas Holiday party might have had something to do with his sudden improvement. But I was also feeling much less crappy today; other than the residual congestion in my head the cold finally seems to have been evicted.

Boy, am I glad the cold is finally gone. I’ve been so sick I haven’t even been able to do my daily exercises, which is largely why I was so maudlin yesterday. It’s amazing how much my activity level affects my mental state. Just being able to get out and walk around a little perked me right up. Having the energy to do some of the work I haven’t gotten done all week helped, too. I went to the mall and got a few last Christmas presents—I found what I hope is the perfect gift for Grandma—went to the grocery store, came home and put the groceries away, put dinner in the crockpot, had lunch, cleaned up in Sprog #1’s room, went and picked up Sprog #1, cleaned up in Sprog #2’s room, went and picked up Sprog #2, and came home and started making iced tea for my mate. Poor thing hasn’t had any iced tea to drink all week, because I’ve been too sick to give a crap that we were out.

I’m trying a crockpot recipe I found on FlyLady’s website. Basically you get a whole chicken, shove an apple up its ass, and cook it for eight to ten hours. If it works it’s the easiest recipe I’ve ever found.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to see the Return of the King. My mate’s already seen it with a friend, so I’ll just go see it with my friends. So there. Meanwhile I can entertain myself by reading a contract law student’s playful analysis of Sauron’s proposal.

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