Dec 222003

Saturday I went to see Grandma—I haven’t been since last Friday, as I caught a nasty cold a week ago and figured that she didn’t need to have it too. She’d been moved out of the hospital she was in, into a rehabilitation facility at another hospital. I took her an itty-bitty Christmas tree for her room, which she seemed to like, and chatted with her and her roommate for a while. She was doing physical therapy twice a day to build up her muscles again, and seemed largely fine other than an enormous bedsore on her back (from lying in her own waste for a day or two before being found).

Unfortunately that sore on her back was not healing. If anything it was getting worse, and causing her increasing pain, so this morning they took her back into the hospital proper and performed surgery on it to clean it up. Currently she’s back in the ICU recovering.

Can’t remember who said, “Getting old isn’t for wimps,” but they were sure right.

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