Feb 102008

Last week I was knitting merrily away at dishrag #6… and I dropped a stitch.

I have no idea how to recover from that. I tried to tease it back up through the rows of yarn, but I only made it worse.

So I put the thing aside, and it languished on the couch for four or five days. Last night I picked it up, pulled it all apart, and started over from scratch.

I know it’s possible to recover from mistakes like that, but I don’t know how. Until I do, dishrags are going to be the most complicated things I’m willing to tackle—at least if I have to start over, it’s not that bad.

Meanwhile I’ve got about a dozen cross-stitch projects half-finished in my project bag… one day perhaps I’ll get to those again.

One night my son asked me when I’d be done with my homework. I said, “Oh… sometime in May.”

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