Feb 112008

Son: Can I open my Junior Mints now?

Me: Wait until we get home, I don’t want open candy in the car. You know what happens if it gets lost in the car until summer.

Son: It melts into the carpet.

Me: And you know what happens then.

Son: …

Me: Then I have to kill you.

Son: Not today though.

Me: No, it would be months from now. I’d find melted chocolate in my car and say, “I’m going to kill that kid!”

Son: I’d put up a fight.

Me: Yeah, but I’m old and sneaky.

Son: Don’t you mean old and creaky?

Me: Smartass.

Son: I’m young and sneaky.

Me: You’re young and smartass.

By this point he was laughing too much to offer any further repartee.

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