Apr 102008

Angry Profressor related an e-mail she got yesterday—seems the young man missed a class, and wants to schedule a meeting so she can go over everything he missed with him. He’s free evenings and weekends.

I missed a class last Friday because I had some kind of stomach bug. I e-mailed another student to get the assignments, worked them over the weekend, and went to see the instructor yesterday during his office hours to go over the problems I’d had trouble with.

Clearly I need a much larger sense of entitlement.

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  One Response to “I’m Doing It Wrong”

  1. Some years ago I had a student who pulled the same stunt on me, only he missed a special required 2.5 hour research methods class because he had to go to a political rally. I prayed very hard for his demise and the night before he was scheduled to come in to pester me, he was run over not once but twice because he was riding a bike in the dark without lights or reflectors. Wearing all black as well, the stupid creeping shit. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

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